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What's in a Name?

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When I started Hello, Cupcake! I knew that I wanted the name to encompass what I offered to my customers. I knew then that I was a baker, but really loved making cupcakes! Cupcakes are the perfect dessert. They are their own pretty little package. They have so many possibilities. They are so cute. And, they are so versatile for parties. Over time, I have made many different varieties of flavors, combinations, and sizes. If you could dream up a flavor combination, or your favorite dessert, I could re-create that in the form of a cupcake. I love making cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and, of course, dessert. You can literally make just about anything in to the form of a cupcake!

As time has moved on, more and more requests have come for other sweet items. Cake pops, cookie pops, marshmallow pops, cookies, shortbread, candy, mini cakes, cakes, wedding cakes, and much more. I found it to be exciting to be able to create more treats and experiment with different sweets. I’ve had the ability to find amazing help, in the kitchen and in the design processes, that helped bring the ability to test new ideas and recipes and come up with a much broader and more exciting menu!
Cupcakes are still the major component to our business, but now we can offer SO much more for our customers. Of course, when we started offering more variety of treats, we knew that we would have to think about how we are representing our company to our customer base. It became confusing for the new customer to know that we did more than cupcakes, so without having the ability to always explain from minute one, we knew we had to make a change to the name of our business to reflect that there are MORE than just cupcakes.

We would like to take this time to announce to you that Hello, Cupcake! Is now doing business as:

We are over the moon excited to be launching so many amazing, and YUMMY, sweets this year! We want to thank you for all your support, ideas, and incredible comments and referrals over the last year! 2016 was a very productive year and had many growth possibilities for us. We had the ability to expand in to 3 counties of catering and delivery, we moved to a very nice commercial kitchen in Bellingham, we met so many incredible businesses and individuals, and we have been to many events that we are so blessed to have been a part of! We can’t wait to see you this year at all your events, get-togethers, and when you are just craving that perfect sweet thing!

Have a SWEET day!


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